Mead HS: A Case Study

Mead High School is a Unified Champion School in Longmont, Colorado. The school has grown exponentially over the decade since it opened. With that growth came more Unified programming. The film centers on Noah, a student with intellectual disabilities who has been able to find his place through sports, friendships and an improved school climate.

There are over 7,500 Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® in the United States. While they all may look different, they all have the same three components. They are Unified Sports, inclusive youth leadership and whole-school engagement.

#UnifiedGeneration Review:

“Mead High School is a Unified Champion School where everyone is equal, respected, and part of the community.  Mead High School includes everyone and allows everyone to have a voice within the school. My favorite part of the video is when Noah was playing basketball and was the lead scorer–that’s awesome! Mead High School is an example of how Unified Sports can change the culture of a school for the better. It brings out the best in students and faculty.” —Kyle Norman and Jazlyn Young, 2018 U.S. Youth Ambassadors (Montana)