Play Unified: Unified Sports & Unified PE

Special Olympics Unified Sports is one of three components that make up a Special Olympics Unified Champion School. This as well as Unified Physical Education can serve as the “gateway” for a school to become more inclusive on the field and in the classroom.

“The Play Unified video truly demonstrates the positive effects that both Unified Sports and Unified PE have on an entire school! The friendships made through Unified Sports and Unified PE that are shown in this video are true examples of what being apart of the Unified Generation is. My favorite part of the video is the Unified Play Day for kids at the elementary school level. It is so amazing to hear children say the words “Live Unified” at such a young age! It is also incredible to see children being immersed into Unified Sports at such a young age, so that hopefully they will never have to experience not living in a Unified Generation” — Elyse Whittemore, US Youth Ambassador