For Teachers & Organizers

Inclusion Tiles F.E.E.L.S. Facilitator Guide

Learn how to use Inclusion Tiles F.E.E.L.S. (fun, easy, emotion lessons) in your classroom.

BGCA Guide to Local Partnership

This guide is primarily designed for Special Olympics Program staff and BGCA Organization staff to work on creating partnership opportunities.

Spread the Word 2023

Resources including video links and activities for use on Spread the Word Day – March 1st.

Unified Activity Plans

NEW! Special Olympics Unified Activity Plans enhance student participation within a given sport.
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Inclusion For All Toolkit

Use these resources  to support youth as they  learn about larger societal issues.
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Use this answer key to check completed Scavenger Hunt.

Inclusion Tiles: Facilitator Guide

Learn how to use Inclusion Tiles in your classroom or next Special Olympics meeting.

Video Discussion: Instructor’s Guide

Use this Instructor’s Guide before utilizing video-specific discussion guides.

Special Olympics and Bullying Prevention

Understand Special Olympics’ role in preventing bullying in schools.
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Unified Physical Education Resource (2nd Edition)

Information around how to make inclusive physical education courses in your school.
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Importance of School Climate

An explanation of the postiive effects of Unified Champion Schools.
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Special Olympics Language Guide

Use this guide to assure you are using the correct terminology when referring to Special Olympics.
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Inclusive Youth Leader Training: Facilitator Guide

For facilitators to better understand how students can become agents of change through trainings.
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For More Resources

Click here to see all resources related to Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools.
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For Students

Group Reflections Checklist

For more tips, watch Unified Talks featuring Aaron and Amelia from North Carolina!


Follow one of the prompts or make up your own and submit your story!

Content Creation Workbook

Use this workbook to learn content creation, documentary storytelling, and social media sharing.
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Inclusion Tiles: Student Guide

Use this guide to help you lead Inclusion Tiles activities.

Video Discussion Guides

Access this DropBox to find all accompanying video discussion guides in one place!
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Social Media Guide

Help us spread the word about the #UnifiedGeneration through social media.

Spread The Word >> Inclusion

Learn more about the Spread the Word >> Inclusion and how you can bring it to your school.
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A Guide for Sibling Youth Engagement

Find opportunities for siblings of people with intellectual disabilities within Special Olympics.
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Youth Leadership Guide

Get tools to become a more effective youth leader.
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Unified Sports: A Students Guide

An overview that explains how students can bring Unified Sports to their schools.
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Host a Youth Rally or Youth Summit

Step by step directions and recommendations about how to host a rally at your school.
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Starting a Unified Club

Learn how to create and sustain a Special Olympics Unified Club in your school.
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