Unified Classroom

Bring Special Olympics to your classroom! These fun engaging activities highlight inclusion and are made for all grade levels! From here you can access all lessons, social media activities and videos via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Comprised of monthly “packages” that keep the educator & student top of mind, the Unified Classroom is a seamless way to ensure that the core themes of Special Olympics are embedded into your current classroom setting.

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Access Unified Classroom Lessons

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Intro Video
Just Getting Started?


Use this video to better understand where to go for the Unified Classroom and how to use all of its resources.

“We’ve designed content that is accessible, relevant, and engaging. We strive to develop an online community where students can participate in comfortable dialogue, and grow as individuals, while also working on their academic skills.” – Kaleigh Vogan, UCS Education Advisor


Hosted by youth leaders from all across the country, Unified Talks focus on themes that are at the core of Special Olympics. These videos will captivate student viewers and reveal how they can make change in their community. There will be a mix of storytelling, direct teaching, modeling, and even bloopers.

Get lessons based on the Special Olympics theme!

Each month, access a package of resources that include discussion guides, social media activities and lessons for students of all abilities.


Share your appreciation for those in your life! 


Share your appreciation for those in your life! 


Learn the qualities of a great inclusive youth leader! 

Spread the Word

Spread the Word of Inclusion through the importance of connection! 


Gain tips and tricks about how you can EMPOWER yourself and those around you! 

Learn about different tips that will help improve your mental and physical wellbeing! 


Understand how different relationships can impact your life! 


Gain a better understanding of the benefits of working together! 


Learn how to gain a sense of belonging in your communities!

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