Live Unified: Inclusive Youth Leadership

There are 3 components that make a Special Olympics Unified Champion School. One of them is Inclusive Youth Leadership. An example of this would be planning events. The most important part is students with and without intellectual disabilities having leadership roles. Together, they work to lead and plan awareness events during the school year. These events promote inclusion in the school community.

Picture of UCS Correspondent Ilana Drake
Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent

#UnifiedGeneration Review:

“Inclusive Youth Leadership ensures that inclusion is present every day. This leadership is about advocating for students with intellectual disabilities and it allows every student to have their voice heard. The Unified program has built inclusion in schools through sports, clubs, and support. These three high schools show how the inclusion revolution is real and vital. The inclusion revolution allows every student to feel valued. This video left me in tears because it showed how inclusion is fundamental to every project and movement. By joining the inclusion revolution and choosing to include, we can change the world.” – Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent (New York)