Special Olympics Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In this video,  watch how Special Olympics has impacted different people throughout the movement. First, Loretta Claiborne talks about her beginnings as a Special Olympics athlete. She also talks about the history of the organization’s founding.  Second, meet Evan and Jay Hallberg from Rhode Island. They explain how their school, Ponaganset High School,has created a great community for its students. Next, we watch as NFL player Eddie Yarbrough returns to his alma mater Grandview High School. He reflects on how far the Unified Champion Schools program has come since he started it as a student.  Finally, Kaitlyn thinks back about her passion for inclusion brought her to her dream job working for Special Olympics.

#UnifiedGeneration Review:

“Founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Loretta Claiborne paved the way for the unified generation. Special Olympics has a mission and vision for thousands of athletes and partners to unite and lead together through competitive sports. This will lead to the end of discrimination and exclusion within schools and jobs. My favorite part of the video was hearing the stories from Unified pairs.  Especially how the Unified partners learned from athletes about living in the present and cherishing special moments. The next 50 years of Special Olympics is going to be better than ever but it all starts with your commitment to the inclusion revolution.” —Britney Bautista, 2018 U.S. Youth Ambassador (Hawaii)