Ponaganset HS: A Case Study

It takes a lot of work to be a Special Olympics National banner Unified Champion School. To do this, a school must meet the 10 standards of excellence. A great example is Ponaganset High School in Rhode Island. One of the reasons is Ponaganset High School created the Inclusion Pledge. This school created the pledge during the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics. Since then, the pledge has been taken around the world by supporters.

Another part of being a Unified Champion School is showing the 3 components. The first component is Unified Sports. Another component is Inclusive Youth Leadership. Finally, the third component is Whole School Engagement. Altogether, the components create a strong and inclusive school. Watch to learn more about Ponaganset High School.

Picture of UCS Correspondent Ilana Drake
Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent

#UnifiedGeneration Review:

“Ponaganset High School in Rhode Island represents an inclusive school. Ponaganset has seen progress in the community by being a Unified School. The Unified program has opened doors for inclusion in the school ranging from sports to classes. Unified has helped develop each person in the school’s community. By being a Unified School, students are able to contribute to the larger Inclusion Movement. This video shows how one program can touch many people’s lives. I hope that we can continue to inspire other schools to join the Inclusion Revolution through the Unified program.” – Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent (New York)