Unified Talk: Tajha Talks Teamwork

This month’s theme is all about teamwork and how to work together in groups! Tajha talks with us why being a part of a team is important & the skills it gives us. She also shares with us how to create a strong team and highlight the strengths of your teammates.

Take the “What Kind of Teammate Are You Quiz”: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kvogan13/what-kind-of-teammate-are-you-evdlhs51gx

About Unified Talks

Unified Talks are for the Unified Generation by the Unified Generation. Hosted by inclusive youth leaders from all across the country, each video discusses a theme that is at the core of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®. Learn from your peers through different activities and calls to action. To get to the Unified Classroom access the Google Drive or Dropbox! For more resources check out our Distance Learning Landing Page.