Healthy Lifestyles with Special Olympics New Mexico

Healthy Lifestyles

Special Olympics New Mexico brings together students of all abilities and supports student health with Special Olympics Unified Sports® and Unified Physical Education. The impact? Students participating in these programs report better physical health, self-esteem, and social connections. What’s more, Unified programming breaks down barriers and stereotypes, creating a more accepting school environment.

UCCS Spotlight: Fisher Magnet Upper Academy

Fisher Magnet Upper Academy

“To limit expectations is to limit the results.” The Unified Champion City Schools initiative is improving school climates and strengthening community in schools nationwide. At one point, Fisher Magnet Upper Academy educators had to fight for Unified programming. But the impact on its students was undeniable, and the 3 pillars of Special Olympics Unified Champion […]

Case Study: Developmental Sports in Upper Elementary

Developmental Sports

“I see Jayden being very successful in the future because of his time spent in PE, in Special Olympics, and all that successful time with same age peers in those settings.” Dena’ina Elementary School (AK) exemplifies why Developmental Sports is the best way to implement Unified Sports for upper elementary students. Students with and without […]

UCCS Spotlight: Hazel Grove Elementary

Hazel Grove Elementary

The Unified Champion City Schools initiative is improving school climates and strengthening community in schools nationwide. Join us at Hazel Grove Elementary School in Kansas City, KS where we meet educators who are introducing inclusion to young students through UCCS, and instilling important lessons they’ll continue to carry.

City Spotlight: Detroit, MI

City Spotlight: Detroit, MI

Did you know that Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools© see increased respect for diversity? These programs also improve social and civic learning, school connections, and student engagement. There’s a strong link between all of these factors and school attendance. See how the 3 pillars of SOUCS are impacting Detroit, a vibrant community embracing the Unified […]

People of UCCS: Talisha, Sarah, and LaRhonda

Talisha, Sarah, and LaRhonda

“To highlight inclusion via Special Olympics is simply an opportunity to tell the world that we all matter.” —LaRhonda McCann, Educator (Detroit, MI) The Unified Champion City Schools (UCCS) initiative is a targeted program bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities in urban school districts with the highest need. In People of UCCS, we […]

UCCS Spotlight: Taylor Allderdice High School

Taylor Allderdice HS

The Unified Champion City Schools initiative is improving school climates and strengthening community in schools nationwide. Journey to Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, PA and meet the wonderful educators, supportive coaches, and exceptional students bringing inclusion to the halls and classrooms.

Meet Niobe


Niobe is a remarkable artist form Anchorage, Alaska. When Niobe was 4, she almost lost her speech. Her parents didn’t know if she would talk again. After having a full high school experience at Service HS, Niobe is described as a “social butterfly”. By attending general education art classes, she was able to share her […]

Meet Krishtan

“If people don’t want you to follow your dreams, don’t listen to them.” We love this advice from Krishtan, a student from Detroit, Michigan. Krishtan has big dreams: to continue thriving as an artist and give back to the Special Olympics community. Since he started participating in programs enabled by the Unified Champion City Schools […]

Rolling Rally with Special Olympics Kansas

Rolling Rally

How do you bring the best elements of a pep rally to multiple schools? Introducing The Rolling Rally! Discover how Special Olympics Kansas brings this innovative format to create energetic Whole School Engagement. Educators agree: uniting students with events like these brings about a culture change.