Unified Talks: Leadership with Courtney and Ella

Unified Talks: Courtney and Ella

In the latest episode of Unified Talks, Courtney and Ella, U.S. Youth Ambassadors from New York, talk about how you can become a strong leader. All leaders are different – they have different styles, strengths, experiences, and ideas. But all leaders have one thing in common. They L.E.A.D.! About Unified Talks Unified Talks are for […]

Jack Nagle: 2020 SONA Outstanding Coach

Jack Nagle

There are over 147,000 volunteer coaches across the SONA Region. These coaches dedicate their time towards providing quality sport opportunities for athletes. One of those coaches is Jack Nagle from Special Olympics Northern California. Jack is one of our Special Olympics North America Outstanding Coaches of 2020! Watch this video to learn more about Jack […]

Inside Inclusion: Leadership

Inside Inclusion: Leadership

Inside Inclusion is a monthly series where members of #UnifiedGeneration explore an important topic. In this month’s edition of Inside Inclusion, Citlali and Troy, U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Northern California, sit down with student-athletes associated with NFHS for a conversation about the importance of leadership. The group explores why people of all backgrounds and abilities […]

Unified Talks: Learn to Lead with Nickelodeon!

Unified Talks: Learn to Lead with Nickelodeon!

Our friends at Nickelodeon pair up with U.S. Youth Ambassadors Sophie and Joey in this episode of Unified Talks! SpongeBob SquarePants, members of the Loud House and other favorites, teach us what it means to be an inclusive youth leader. We learn what qualities make a good leader and how to unite a team towards […]

Unified Talks: Kyle and Jazlyn Stay Connected

Unified Talk: Connections with Jazlyn and Kyle

The theme of this year’s Spread the Word campaign: CONNECTIONS. The last year has been a powerful reminder of the importance of growing together. We have learned that connections are at the core of inclusion. This video features Jazlyn and Kyle, two former U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Montana. Watch as the pair talk about what […]

Inside Inclusion: Spread the Word

Inside Inclusion: Spread the Word

  Inside Inclusion is a monthly series where members of #UnifiedGeneration explore an important topic. This month is the Spread the Word edition of Inside Inclusion. The video features U.S. Youth Ambassadors Sam and Max who talk with Soeren, cofounder of the Spread the Word campaign. Find out how the campaign has grown to inspire […]

International Women’s Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate women in the inclusion movement. These strong women lead, inspire, and dream. Watch to see how every day, they make the world a more inclusive one.

Unified Talks: Spread the Word with Natalie and Jordan

Spread the Word with Natalie and Jordan

In this week’s episode of Unified Talks, Natalie and Jordan, U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Utah, talk about how to break the cycle of exclusion and SPREAD THE WORD about inclusion. Visit www.spreadtheword.global for more information about Spread the Word and share how you’re planning to make your community a more inclusive one. About Unified Talks […]

Healthy Snack Ideas from the U.S. Youth Ambassadors

Healthy Snacks with the Unified Generation

Looking for a fun and healthy snack to make this weekend? The Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors have you covered! Watch their latest vlog and a few in-depth tutorials on the Generation Unified YouTube channel.