Our Highest Honor: National Banner Recognition

National Banner Recognition

National banner recognition tells the world that your high school, middle school, or elementary school is inclusive. Find out what it takes to receive the highest honor from Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®. 

Inside Inclusion: A Community of Inclusion

Inside Inclusion: A Community of Inclusion

During Spread the Word month, we strive to make strong communities of inclusion. What does a community of inclusion look like? Look no further than Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas. Led by Katherine Stineman, a former Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassador and Lawrence High School alum, our latest episode of Inside Inclusion looks at […]

Unified Talks: Inclusion

Unified Talks: Inclusion

What actions can you take to make sure everyone feels included? Unified partners Treven and Jack from Lawrence High School are here to show us! In the latest episode of Unified Talks, we visit schools across the state of Kansas to discover different ways teachers and students are spreading feelings of inclusion by taking simple […]

Take Action for Inclusion with Spread the Word

Take Action for Inclusion with Spread the Word

Spread the Word >> Inclusion day is almost here! Don’t underestimate your value as a leader. In our latest video, we walk you through how to take the pledge and even go a step further. Visit spreadtheword.global for more resources.

By the Numbers: Spread the Word >> Inclusion

The Data: Spread the Word >> Inclusion

Every March, we celebrate Spread the Word >> Inclusion, a campaign that shows how our language and actions can end discrimination of people with intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD). Find out how the Spread the Word campaign is breaking down barriers and creating positive change.  Take the Pledge Be a teammate. Be a friend. Welcome […]

Unified Talks: Teammates

Unified Talks: Teammates

What’s up Unified Generation? La Cueva High School (New Mexico) students Eva and Isaac have teamed up for a new episode Unified Talks. What’s the theme of this episode? You guessed it: teamwork. Did you know that including someone on your team or in your group doesn’t actually mean you are being inclusive? Eva and […]

By the Numbers: Unified Champion City Schools

The Data: Unified Champion City Schools

Currently, 31% of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® are in urban school districts, but only 8% are in urban school districts of the highest need. The Unified Champion City Schools (UCCS) initiative seeks to change that. Find out how this targeted program is bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities.

International Day of Education 2023

International Day of Education

International Day of Education is a day created by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate inclusive and equitable education. Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® promotes meaningful inclusion by bringing together young people with and without intellectual disabilities. To celebrate, here are 4 tips and resources for bringing meaningful inclusion to your school today.

Unified Talks: Diverse Representation

Unified Talks: Representation

U.S. Youth Ambassador Natalie Green and actress/comedian Cristela Alonzo are back with another important conversation about representation. This episode of Unified Talks talks about why it’s important to have diverse representation in clubs, groups, on social media, and more. By including different types of people, we can make sure everyone feels like they belong.