Learn the Story of 321 Coffee

321 Coffee

With small beginnings at NC State University during a Unified flag football game, the 321 Coffee team had a dream of bringing inclusion to their campus through the power of coffee! Now their business has grown and is making an impact in the Raleigh community. Hear about it from co-workers and friends Lindsay, Matthew and […]

Unified Talks: The Anton Team On Being A Good Teammate

Unified Talks: Elise and Sophia Anton

This Unified Talk is hosted by  Elise and Sophia Anton, both Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Colorado. They talk about what means to be a good teammate. This includes communication, listening, support and respect. The “Anton Team” teaches us how to be solid teammates on and off the field. About Unified Talks Unified Talks […]

Inside Inclusion: Teamwork

Inside Inclusion: Teamwork

Inside Inclusion is a monthly roundtable series that features members of the #UnifiedGeneration coming together to explore an important topic. This month, U.S. Youth Ambassadors Sophie and Joey from Nebraska host members of the NCAA DIII student-athlete advisory committee in conversation. They discuss something that’s key to playing Special Olympics Unified Sports®: teamwork. Learn what […]

Who Is Your Inclusion Hero?

Inclusion Heros

Is there someone in your life who motivates you to be more inclusive? This month, we asked our U.S. Youth Ambassadors to talk about their inclusion heroes. Hear their responses and think about the positive influencers in your life!

Unified Talk: Tajha Talks Teamwork

Unified Talks - Teamwork - Tutorial 3 - Thumbnail

This month’s theme is all about teamwork and how to work together in groups! Tajha talks with us why being a part of a team is important & the skills it gives us. She also shares with us how to create a strong team and highlight the strengths of your teammates. About Unified Talks Unified […]

Unified Talk: Britney Explains What It Means To Be An Upstander

Unified Talks - Belonging - Tutorial 2 - Thumbnail

In this episode, Britney talks about belonging but in a different way. She shares about her own experiences being bullied and how she overcame it! Learn how to be an upstander for those around you! About Unified Talks Unified Talks are for the Unified Generation by the Unified Generation. Hosted by inclusive youth leaders from […]

Generation Unified 2020: Meaningful Inclusion in a Virtual Classroom

Generation Unified 2020

This live, virtual kick-off event will provide a look into the tutorials, activities, and special offerings that Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® (SOUCS) is creating for educators, parents, and coaches of students K-12. During Generation Unified 2020, guests will hear from the experts – a number of our educators, U.S. Youth Ambassadors, SOUCS team members, […]

Unified Talk: Tajha Talks Belonging

Unified Talks - Belonging - Tutorial 1 - Thumbnail

In this episode of Unified Talks, Tajha introduces us to the concept of what it means to feel a sense of belonging. She shows us how she feels like she belongs and how she helps others feel the same. About Unified Talks Unified Talks are for the Unified Generation by the Unified Generation. Hosted by […]

Find Your Sense of Belonging with Unified Champion Schools

Daina Shilts

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Growing up, Daina Shilts did not have a Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools experience. She now speaks out about how important it is for students of all abilities to find their sense of belonging.

Say Hello to the U.S. Youth Ambassadors

A collage image featuring several of the Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors

The Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors are a group of 30 youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities who are striving to make the nation a more inclusive place for all. These youth leaders act as advocates, share stories, and demonstrate the values of Inclusive Youth Leadership across the country. Through training, engagement, and activation […]