Noah’s Moment

Growing up Noah and his brother Sam, who has intellectual disabilities, had a very estranged relationship. The brotherly bond Noah envisioned was non-existent. This all changed when Noah met Conrad at a Special Olympics Unified Club. Conrad also has intellectual disabilities but through their friendship, it helped Noah understand and embrace differences with both his new friend Conrad and his brother.

From the Unified Generation

“Noah’s Moment is so inspiring and a story that everyone can relate to in some way! The video shares Noah’s story about his brother, his struggle with depression and the impact his best friend, Conrad, has had on him. My favorite part of the video is when Noah explains how he and Conrad answer people’s questions about how they communicate with each other because together they have an inside joke to answer the question. After hearing Noah’s story, him and Conrad’s friendship is something I want to have with my best friend!”

—Elyse Whittemore, US Youth Ambassador

About The Moment Series

All around the country people experience life-changing moments when they finally see/feel/grasp the true power of inclusion. The Moment series is comprised of 10 episodes that show the different faces of the Special Olympics movement and how their lives have been impacted by inclusion throughout different stages of life.