Deran’s Moment

When Deran was younger, he had a childhood friend named Jenny, who had intellectual disabilities. When Deran received the news that Jenny had passed away, he was shocked at how no one seemed to react. His classmates did not care to know Jenny the way he had. This sparked something in Deran: to create inclusion in school environments through Special Olympics Unified Sports.

From the Unified Generation

“This video shows how Deran was changed by a friend with an intellectual disability and how that changed his life and got him involved in Special Olympics. He became an athletic director and works with Unified Champion Schools to create opportunities for deeper connections using Unified sports. The video shows how inclusion makes a person’s heart bigger and how one event can have a large impact. My favorite part of this video is Deran’s quote, ‘We all could use a little more compassion and a little more understanding of people with differences.’ Deran is promoting change and making a difference!”

—Kyle Norman and Jazlyn Young, US Youth Ambassadors

About The Moment Series

All around the country people experience life-changing moments when they finally see/feel/grasp the true power of inclusion. The Moment series is comprised of 10 episodes that show the different faces of the Special Olympics movement and how their lives have been impacted by inclusion throughout different stages of life.