Daina’s Powerful Story

Daina Shilts was bullied, teased and excluded when she was in school. Through Special Olympics, she found her love of snowboarding and thus gained confidence in herself and her abilities. Watch as she visits a Unified Champion School in Wisconsin to see how much school climates have improved since she was in school.

Picture of UCS Correspondent Ilana Drake
Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent

#UnifiedeGeneration Review:

“Daina Shilts was bullied in school and was very quiet. Special Olympics changed Daina’s life. She found a community that accepted her. She trained almost every day and practiced outside of practice as well. Her high school was not a Unified Champion School when she attended. Today, the school is part of UCS and has a network full of students who care. I feel upset knowing that Daina went through so much bullying in high school.” – Ilana Drake, UCS Correspondent (New York)