Sidney and Britney are changing the world.

This Unified pair from Maui High School, Hawaii had the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Experience as part of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle. They were then able to take the skills they learned this past summer and put on their own event to make Maui a more inclusive community. Scroll down to see watch their story.

What is Inclusive Youth Leadership?

Students with and without intellectual disabilities working together to lead and plan advocacy, awareness, and other Special Olympics and related inclusive activities throughout the year.

Sidney and Britney are examples of what Inclusive Youth Leadership looks like when supported by their high school and their local Special Olympics Program. Britney who is a US Youth Ambassador was even awarded with a Youth Innovation Grant which allowed her the funds to lead the Pōmaikaʻi Sports Day.

Scroll down to check out some other members of the current class of US Youth Ambassadors from around the country and how they are changing their communities.

Meet our new class of US Youth Ambassadors! These are 12 students from across the country who exemplify Inclusive Youth Leadership and promote a Unified Generation.

Head shots of twelve youth leaders.

Collage of our twelve US Youth Ambassadors.

Click the picture to meet our US Youth Ambassadors Class of 2019 and scroll down for more photos from the Pōmaikaʻi Sports Day.

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