Generation Unified 2020: Meaningful Inclusion in a Virtual Classroom

Generation Unified 2020 is a live virtual kick-off event. This event provides tutorials and activities. Plus, a look at the special offerings that Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® (SOUCS) is creating for educators, parents, and coaches of students K-12. During the event, guests will hear from a number of speakers. These speakers include a number of our educators, U.S. Youth Ambassadors, SOUCS team members, and celebrity Champion Ambassadors. The experts discuss the goals, impact, and importance of Unified Champion Schools programming. All of which need to change due to the virtual learning experience. Guests of Generation Unified 2020 will get some first looks of resources. For example, a first look of the recurring tutorials that the next event will share.

Be sure to subscribe to the Generation Unified YouTube channel. When you subscribe, you get a look at new tutorials shared bi-monthly. These tutorials focus on fitness, Unified physical education, social and emotional learning, and leadership.

During the promotional event, our hosts will dive right into the first tutorial to give viewers a live look. Then, beginning on Thursday, November 5, new tutorials will drop on the first and third Thursday of the month on YouTube. To get to the Unified Classroom access the Google Drive or Dropbox! For more resources check out our Distance Learning Landing Page.